Wild Turkey Hunt
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Wild Turkey Hunt

Campari Group
Concept, Creative Direction, Photography, Design Direction

How we brought the Spirit of the Wild to Australians

Wild Turkey isn’t only wild by name. It’s wild by nature too. So when we were tasked with promoting their ‘Spirit of the Wild’ brand platform and building a community of fans, we looked to Australia’s wild side. 

We invited Australia on a journey with us

We created The Wild Turkey Hunt, a website that served up photos of the most incredible locations in the Australian wilderness and challenged Australians to pinpoint where they were taken. 

We also released exciting itineraries for people to make the most of a visit to the wild, along with limited edition Wild Turkey bottles and other prizes that enhanced outdoor experiences like picnic bags, eskis and portable barbecues. 

New landscapes were released on social platforms fortnightly prompting ongoing engagement.

Our community began connecting with the Australian wilderness, and each other by sharing their own location hints and travel tips.